LUSAS Bridge software is used for all types of bridge design, analysis and assessment from simple grillages through to complex cable stayed and suspension structures. It has an unrivalled range of analysis facilities for linear static, fundamental frequency, seismic, dynamic, soil-structure interaction, large deflection, staged construction, creep, prestress, post tensioning and fatigue analysis.

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LUSAS Bridge

LUSAS Bridge plus

Bridge Engineering Case Studies


LUSAS Civil & Structural software is used on all types of structures from buildings, grandstands and towers through to dams, docks and tunnels.It has comprehensive facilities for all types of civil and structural analysis including linear, nonlinear, staged construction, soil-structure interaction, creep, prestress, post tensioning, seismic, blast, buckling, impact, fire and fatigue analysis.

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LUSAS Civil & Structural LT

LUSAS Civil & Structural

LUSAS Civil & Structural plus  

Civil, Structural and Offshore Engineering Case Studies

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LUSAS Composite has advanced shell and solid composite elements for all types of composite engineering. It allows easy definition and visualisation of layups, and accurate delamination and failure modelling using a variety of industry standard failure criteria.

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LUSAS Composite plus

Analysis of Composite Components Case Studies


LUSAS HPM software allows design engineers to extract master model and tooling surfaces “right first time” ensuring that correctly sized post-cure components are obtained without iterative guesswork. Its use can shorten product development cycles and significantly speed-up time-to-market.

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LUSAS HPM (High Precision Moulding)

High Precision Moulding Case Studies



LUSAS Analyst is used in the automotive, aerospace, defence, manufacturing and general mechanical industries. It is used for general engineering analysis and has highly regarded nonlinear and contact capabilities for solving all types of linear static, nonlinear, dynamic and thermal engineering problem, including thermal/mechanical coupling.

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LUSAS Analyst

LUSAS Analyst plus

General Mechanical Engineering Case Studies


LUSAS Academic is for use only by educational establishments for teaching purposes and research. By using the software protection device and licence key supplied, the full licenced version allows access to any LUSAS commercial product, access to most LUSAS analysis product options, with no restriction on model size.

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LUSAS Academic

Academic / University / Research Case Studies

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